Transactional Sms

Transactional SMS service can be used by Organizations to communicate with their customers, send notifications and for internal communication. Few verticals are:
Educational Institutions
BFSI(Banking Financial services and Insurence)
Airlines/Railways Ticket booking

Alert service has been developed to manage and communicate important announcements to Banking and Insurance customers to intimate important transactions like account transactions, Share market updates, Standing instructions to operative account alerts, Term deposit account alert etc. This SMS premium services helps to alert a customer with less disturbance and also deliver the message to the user in his unavailability to receive the message. VPS Technologies choose Premium routes to deliver critical messages in a short span of time.

Category Alpha Sender ID Delivery Windows Can be delivered to DND numbers ?
Transactional Yes, Available Exactly 6 Character alpha Senderid e.g LM:SAMTEK 24 Hrs Yes, Transactional sms can be delivered to all the numbers