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We have a variety of customers coming from diverse backgrounds such as IT System Integrators, Software companies, Independent Software Vendors specializing on providing software products to various industry verticals including Banking & Financial services, Insurance & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Media, Leisure & Travel, Communication, Energy and the Government.

Web Design Training

Designing a website is all about creating web pages for running online businesses that help in building a connection between the business and the customers in a way to interact as well as entertain. It is being produced to meet and solve the daily challenges faced in promoting products and services.

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HTML Training

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the basic language that drives the visual representation of any website. Being developed in 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee, it is told to be the best code that allows communication between one and one on the World Wide Web (WWW).

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Web Development Training

Website development is a process of building websites at the back-end by means of coding and markup, which helps in interacting with web pages. It involves using a variety of tools for testing and debugging the codes before launching the website.

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Dot Net Training

.NET Framework developed by Microsoft is an integral part for most of the primary applications running on Windows. .NET with its consistent and comprehensive programming model, created a technological revolution in recent years. Applications built using .NET has the capability to entice

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PHP Training

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most cost-effective choice for building business circuits as it is best backed by server-side scripting language as an open source ecosystem. It was created in the mid 1990s by Rasmus Lerdorf, which is embedded with HTML for creating dynamic websites.

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Responsive Design Training

As you know the technology is emerging with mobile and almost half of the website traffic is being contributed by mobile devices, responsive web design has become a hot trend. It is becoming mandatory for the websites to be more responsive that sense the screen sizes and accordingly adjust its compatibility.

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WordPress Training

WordPress (WP) is an open-source, free blogging software tool and is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) that works with the help of PHP and MySQL for meeting the growing needs of blogs. In the near future WP is going to achieve the biggest impact and make blogging much easier than ever.

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Joomla Training

Joomla is a free open source award winning CMS (Content Management System) that helps you build complex websites and powerful web applications by keeping track of images, text, data, music, videos, documents and much more. You can be able to create any kind of website with this platform and it can be controlling and managed through PHP and MySQL.

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Magento Training

Magento is another open source Content Management System (CMS) that is available for free and it mainly focuses on creating business web applications. Being developed by Varien, it is built using Zend Framework and it provides the standard functions and impressive templates for making ideal websites.

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